Round brushes

Round brushes

Spazzole circolari

We propose range of choices that can provide simple solutions for even the most complicated task.
Thanks to round brushes products can be subjected to pressure and directional control. They can release one part in order to allow the next one to take its place.

Round brushes have an excellent cleaning power and at the same time they guarantee a high surface care. They represent a strength point in polishing machine and pressing cage;

They are also used when is requested an uniform treatment, distribution or application of granules, pastes, liquids or powders in order to avoid dispersion. Round brushes are also excellent in wood, metal, plastic and glass industry.

CRC 25
ø body mm. 25
CRC 30
ø body mm. 30
CRC 40
ø body mm. 40
CRC 50
ø body mm. 50
CRC 60
ø body mm. 60
CRC 70
ø body mm. 70
CRC 80
ø body mm. 80
CRC 90
ø nucleo mm. 90
CRC 100
ø body mm. 100
CRC 110
ø body mm. 110
CRC 130
ø nucleo mm. 130
CRC 140
ø body mm. 140
CRC 160
ø body mm. 160
CRC 180
ø body mm. 180

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